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COUNTRY:            Türkiye                                              Kaymakamı:    Ali AKÇA

REGION:             Marmara                                              Mayor:         Alper TABAN

PROVINCE:           Bursa                                                Deputy:       Hüseyin ŞAHİN


Turkey Statistical Institute in 2012, according to data Inegeul, 230,000 with a population of nearly , has an area of ​​1006 km2

Among the most populous district of Bursa outer boroughs and South Marmara 2 Is the largest city

Today Inegeul, is large and modern industrial city as well as in Turkey is larger than many City . ( 40 major cities )

Inegeul Grocer 's indigenous people and consists of Bursa . However, Inegeul With Intensive Migration from All Nations is a cosmopolitan city where people live variety .

Inegeul ; New Parks, with wide streets and shopping centers is a modern look .

Inegeul on important roads of Anatolia as the city 's . Appealing to more than 50 % of the population of Istanbul, Ankara , Izmir city in the middle of the triangle , each 3-5 hours away by motorway , with easy access , is a central place .

In particular, the Port of Gemlik and Mudanya 1-1.5 hours to be reached by road . Yenişehir International Airport is half an hour away 



 Inegeul climate change between the Black Sea and Mediterranean climate shows character . The summer months are more similar to the Mediterranean climate , warm and less rainy . It is cold and rainy winter months


 Major tree species , pine , beech, fir, oak , linden, chestnut and walnut are . 104 thousand 447 hundred hectares of forest area measurements in terms of having our county has a place above the national average .

72.8 % of agricultural land in Inegeul 's in the field of agriculture , 19% in vineyards, orchards , and 7.7% is devoted to vegetable farming . In a section of 49% is covered by forests .


Plain physical structure , has a surface area of 148 km2 . The floor is covered with alluvial plains .


At Inegeul including Uludag , Polity mountains, such as Mount Ah has a unique view .

Uludag springs , streams and natural beauty of Inegeul offers more opportunities for nature tourism .


Strait plains , Araboturag , the spruce


Kocadere Karadere , Akdere, Hocaköy , Loin , Akçasu , Çandır, Mezit .


Eymir Pond, leaded Pond, Kozluör the pond, the pond in Anklets , Yenice pond, pond Culture


With the name of the oldest known Roman Period: Angeleco me ,

Inegeul history, archaeological excavations conducted in 1847 and 1942, according to the findings obtained from the BC Goes back to the year 3000 .

Inegeul has 5000 years of history " , respectively, the Hittites, the British, the Lydians, Persians , Macedonians ruled .

The Ottoman Period

Osman Bey " s close friend and one of the commanders of the conquest of Turgut Alp İnegölü realized . (1299-1300)

Sources Inegeul spelling of the name is seen in different ways : Aynagöl , Ezinegöl ,

Fencing of the Ottoman palace of the famous drink mineral water,

The legend of spas , spa Oylat

Ottoman ship lumber mills producing the material has come to mind when you think of Inegeul .

Inegeul Municipality was established in 1870 .

Ottoman Relics

Ishak Pasa Mosque and Complex : 15th century . Extant examples of Ottoman Turkish architecture has an important place among

Yıldırım Beyazıt Mosque: It was built by Yildirim Beyazit between the years 1398-1402 .

Principality of Han : It was built in 1721 by Cafer Pasha .

Bazaar : II. Abdul Hamid era

November Efendi Mosque , Hançerli Fatma Sultan Mosque, is located in historic buildings such as Caravanserai Karacabey


Inegeul reputation of liberation from enemy occupation : September 6, 1922
İnegölü saved from the enemy Commander: Commander was 3.Kol Shukri Pasha Nail Gökberk


- Industrial brand : Inegeul Furniture
- Cultural brand name: Inegeul Meatballs
- Tourism brand : Oylat spas
- Agriculture brand : Inegeul Sunflower Seeds
- Country 's first civil mehteran , Historic Inegeul Mehteran U.S. is known for concerts
- Other Healing Waters : Elmaçay the Kozluca Özlüce , Subject -up , to Eskikaracaka

MINERAL WATER : Fencing , Sultan Abdul Aziz to the promotion of Mineral Water is caused by stomach pains . Dyspeptic this water was advised by the physician to the sultan , the sultan of mineral water brought from different places, the most healing Fencing has provided mineral water .

Turkey made ​​of mineral waters first with a mineral water in competitions , the competition is held in 7 countries in America and Europe in the ninth gold medal.

Inegeul, Media

Press- Release is a town in improved terms in Anatolia, while there are many in the county Local Broadcasting Corporation Inegeul 2 local television channels, four local radio stations and local newspapers are available daily .


70'sana % of the population living in the county and in the trade sector and 30% in the agricultural sector operates . 3191 the number of active employers ' stop.

Organized Industrial Zone with the effect of a more rapid improvement is seen in the industrial field . 80 in the period to the present day in addition to forest products companies operating in other sectors, mainly in textile plants have started to establish our county . In recent years, operating in a small shop for furniture factories have embarked on a factory and fame beyond the borders of the country , each one of the facilities began to be on the road to becoming a brand .

- Inegeul OSB , Turkey's first district OIZ was established in 1976 .
- OSB centered about 100 plants are available. Employing around 11,810
- Inegeul the 2.OSB percent , " Furniture Specialized Industry" as is again a first in Turkey .

Turkey's exports , ranking 18th , leaving behind many provinces Inegeul ranks .

- Inegeul 's exports is about 600 million dollars .
- 1% of Turkey's total exports ,
- 15% of furniture exports ,
- 40% of domestic demand for furniture 's meets the Inegeul .
- Textile sector is the share of exports was 6%.

Inegeul agriculture is one of the basic elements of economic life . County -grown vegetables and fruit products are marketed abroad . Fruits and vegetables in tomato, leeks, potatoes , strawberries, and peaches have an important place . Confectionary Sunflower Seeds Sunflower Seeds are famous in the Inegeul .


Inegeul Science High School, the city center was established in the district of the same province after the first science high school history as is . Today in Inegeul total of 14 high schools and 75 primary schools , 50,000 students are enrolled close to what . ( This is the number of students in our country is more than the population of many towns and cities . )

Depending on Bursa Uludag University , Inegeul about 10 branches providing training in Vocational High School is the largest high school in 1850 STUDENTS There are also Inegeul . In the county and the 4th Annual UU UU School of Business are available.



With a population of 240,000 Inegeul existing institutions that no longer meet the needs of a rapidly growing Inegeul , according to today's conditions are established large and modern facility . Construction started at the end of the year 2011 in Bursa State Hospital New Inegeul in Health Institutions will be one of the largest State Hospital .

In Inegeul moment Inegeul State Hospital, Inegeul SSK Hospital , Inegeul Oral and Dental Health Hospital, a private hospital and the Making of the time Inegeul Medica scheduled to open in 2013 Inegeul Has Acibadem Hospital .


Inegeul ;

With more than 100 years of experience in the furniture , the leading sector of the city , outside the domestic wholesale sales , exports to over 90 countries , performing in Turkey ' furniture capital ' has becoming an important way .

Today 15% of our country's furniture exports are realized from Inegöl .

The 2000s, from the beginning of the institutional structure sat and branding the Inegeul furniture industry, especially MODEF fairs with quality and marketing in the sense of a great gained momentum , "Turkey's fashion , Inegöl Furniture ", rhetoric sector has been the hallmark .

Inegeul 100 years, with each new day I wake up furniture and furniture manufactures in 99 languages ​​.




Oylat springs, Polity on Bursa Eskişehir highway turnoff is reached by entering . Radioactive warm waters of the spa waters are included in the group . Infertility find the water temperature 40.5 degrees , rheumatism, urinary tract and polio is known to be good . Oylat called the jagged rocks at the entrance of the formation of the people , the places to be seen and an old fault line .


Another important part of tourism in the county still almost 2 miles of Oylat spa . The cave is located under Oylat . ( also known as Bursa cave . ) This cave is 665 meters long with Turkey 3 is the largest cave . Abundant in the cave stalactites, stalagmites, columns, walls and stalactite has curtains . Bursa name of the cave , among the people of the cave Bursa or get the secret from his belief that there is a way .

Ishak Pasa Mosque and Complex, Yildirim Beyazit Mosque, Principality of Han Bazaar, November Efendi Mosque , Hançerli Fatma Sultan Mosque, is located in historic buildings such as Caravanserai Karacabey
INEGOL 's PARKS : Culture Park , Botanic Park , Kuğulu Park , Poplar six Park, İshakpaşa Park, Municipal Park Cedar Cafe ,


Provided by voluntary donations of the people of the county and local government objects with the valuable contribution of the first cities in Turkey opened in a county museum. The restoration of the historic town hall made ​​the original has been allocated to the museum . Early in the history of the Ottoman Grand Vizier of the original complex of Ishak Pasha complex located opposite the historic Çınarlaralt garden with a view of the make- worth has become a cultural center .

Domestic and foreign visitors flocked to the Inegeul City Museum : Turkey's first county city museum


History of Turkish Houses

Our district is mostly the historic Turkish Houses 19 century belongs to . Inside the historic 18th There are also home -century . Reaching up to the present day , but 250 of these houses remain standing much .

Inegeul Mehter : Inegeul Mehteran of Turkey has the distinction of being the first non- mehteran . Our district Janissary period in 1959 by Mayor Kemal Özkan has been established in the municipality . Mayor Ahmet Akyollu later again at the initiative of members consisting of municipal staff has been transformed into Inegeul mehter association status .


Inegeul Meatballs

Inegeul Meatballs with Bulgarian immigrants is based on family fed . Pazardzhik district of Plovdiv engaged in the family business as a köftecilik and where " of Köftecisi referred to as" the son of Abraham emigrated after Besler Inegeul Inegeul has also continued to pursue the family business . Abraham Besler's trained by masters in our district started to be made dumplings times Inegeul Meatballs name almıştır.inegöl Commercial and industrial Chamber initiative by Turkish Patent Institute submitting patents , thanks Inegöl meatballs Official Gazette de entering a registered trademark has been . Inegeul Inegeul giving flavor to meatballs and veal , and lamb and mutton that grows around the stems from the special mixing .


1 Weight medium fat beef steak , 250 g . Central fat lamb or mutton
15 gr. Carbonate, 15 g . salt, 2 onions , a small amount of bread crumbs .
- Meat stirring once passed through a meat grinder .
- Salt and mix gently until the meat is tender carbonate added .
- Refrigerated meat patties prepared in this manner is left to stand 24 hours .
- Once removed from the refrigerator giving shape cake cooked in a charcoal fire Inegeul barbecued meatballs prepared with minced onion, tomato and bell pepper or bean salad is served with .


Inegolspor Bursa is the second big club . Bursa Bursa and the people of the country in spite of them as professional and amateur clubs only Inegolspor - Bursaspor is called derby matches .

TRANSPORTATION : Bursa 45 km, 350 km from Ankara , Istanbul, 261 km , 400 km from Izmir , Eskisehir 100 km